Digital Submission
When completing your entry form, you will be asked to upload a .MP3, or .MP4 file of your submission. You must upload a full episode as a file. If you only upload a trailer, your submission will be disqualified.

Each entry must include one episode from your podcast that best represents the quality of your work. If submitting for a serialized podcast, we ask that you submit the first episode. However, if you feel strongly that there is another episode that best represents your podcast, you may submit that instead.

Each entry may also include a trailer and artwork. 

How to Submit
Visit this site and enter your podcasts’ information. After all of your podcasts are entered, you will be able to review and check your entry information before you complete your submission.

Be sure to check that you have chosen the appropriate category for your submission 

If your podcast has not yet launched by December 3rd, but will launch on or before December 31, don’t worry -- just be sure to indicate the expected release date on your entry form and submit advance episodes for consideration.

Payments may be made by credit card, paypal, or bank transfer. 
Category Submission Limits
There are two types of category: Show Recognition, and Talent Recognition. 
Show Recognition Categories: A podcast may be submitted into a maximum of three Show Recognition Categories.
Talent Recognition Categories: There are no limits on Talent Recognition Categories.