The Ambies recognizes excellence in two types of categories: Show Recognition categories and Talent Recognition categories. Show Recognition awards are presented to the creator or producer of the respective podcasts (an individual, or a company). For these category-specific podcasts (eg Sports), submitters are invited to select the category most appropriate to their podcast, as generally understood by their peers. You are welcome to enter the same show to multiple categories among these awards, not to exceed three.

Talent Recognition awards are presented to individuals or teams to recognize excellence. There is no limit to the number of Talent Recognition categories you may enter.

Additionally, The Board of Governors of The Podcast Academy may elect to bestow additional awards on a deserving podcast or individual — The Governors’ Award, and The Impact Award.


  • Podcast of The Year
    The podcast that set the high-water mark for the industry, as determined by Academy voters. This award recognizes a title with high-quality content and production values that stands as a benchmark of excellence for the industry. As a listener, this is the podcast you would recommend to someone who has never listened before as well as a podcast aficionado.  
  • Best Indie Podcast -- NEW
    Indie is defined as a podcast produced by either an individual or a small team and without guaranteed income from a third party.  

  • Best Business Podcast

  • Best Comedy Podcast

  • Best Documentary Podcast
    A non-fiction podcast that follows the style and structure of a documentary film

  • Best Entertainment Podcast
    A podcast about movies, books, television, podcasts, radio, theater, audiobooks, video games and other media-entertainment.

  • Best Fiction Podcast

  • Best History Podcast

  • Best Interview Podcast
    A podcast primarily characterized by a single interview per episode between one or more hosts and one or more guests.

  • Best Podcast For Kids -- NEW

  • Best Knowledge, Science or Tech Podcast

  • Best News Podcast

  • Best Personal Growth / Spirituality Podcast

  • Best Politics or Opinion Podcast

  • Best Sports Podcast

  • Best Society and Culture Podcast

  • Best True Crime Podcast

  • Best Wellness or Relationships Podcast


  • Best Podcast Host
  • Best Reporting
    For excellence in journalistic reporting
  • Best Scriptwriting, Fiction
  • Best Scriptwriting, Non-Fiction
  • Best Production and Sound Design
  • Best Original Score and Music Supervision
    For excellence in original music composition and supervision (selection).
  • Best Performer in Audio Fiction
    For excellence in podcast performing, typically acting or singing.
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