The Ambies recognizes excellence in two types of categories: Show Recognition categories and Talent Recognition categories. Show Recognition awards are presented to the creator or producer of the respective podcasts (an individual, or a company). For these category-specific podcasts (eg Sports), submitters are invited to select the category most appropriate to their podcast, as generally understood by their peers. You are welcome to enter the same show to multiple categories among these awards, not to exceed three.

Talent Recognition awards are presented to individuals or teams to recognize excellence. There is no limit to the number of Talent Recognition categories you may enter.

Additionally, The Board of Governors of The Podcast Academy may elect to bestow additional awards on a deserving podcast or individual — The Governors’ Award, and The Impact Award.


  • Podcast of The Year
    Determined by Academy voters, this award recognizes a title with high-quality content and production values. It should stand as a benchmark of excellence for the industry. As a listener, this is the podcast you would recommend to someone who has never listened before as well as to a podcast aficionado. Submissions to this category will only be accepted if the title has been entered into and nominated in another category.  
  • Best Indie Podcast
    This category is intended for individuals or micro-production teams (i.e. fewer than 5 individuals). Titles must be self-financed (not commissioned by a broadcaster, streaming service, studio, or brand). Submissions from registered companies are accepted, however they cannot be supported by a third party (e.g. investors, venture capitalists, or joint ventures). 

  • Best Business Podcast
    A podcast providing analysis, insight, or discussion about companies. Companies can range from micro to multinational.

  • Best Comedy Podcast
    A podcast that is intentionally humorous.

  • Best Documentary Podcast
    A non-fiction show presenting a truthful account of an event, person, or topic without intentional misrepresentation. Typical modes of documentary are observational, expository, or participatory.

  • Best Entertainment Podcast
    A podcast about movies, books, television, podcasts, radio, theater, audiobooks, video games, or other media entertainment. Is your podcast entertaining but not on one of these subjects? Then this is not your category.

  • Best Fiction Podcast
    A narrative work portraying individuals, events, or places that are imaginary. Though it may be based on a true situation or time, it must not be presented as fact.

  • Best History Podcast
    A chronicle or inquiry into a past event. To distinguish history from other categories, the title must have significant distance from current events.

  • Best Interview Podcast
    A podcast primarily characterized by a single interview per episode between one or more hosts and one or more guests.

  • Best Podcast For Kids
    A podcast that is intended to be listened to by children.

  • Best Knowledge, Science or Tech Podcast
    A podcast about the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world as seen through observation and experiment. "Tech" here means the application of scientific (as defined in the previous sentence) knowledge for practical purposes.

  • Best News Podcast
    A podcast that shares news and does not include critical assessment or opinion.

  • Best Personal Growth / Spirituality Podcast
    A podcast about personal development and/or spirituality.

  • Best Politics or Opinion Podcast
    A podcast that shares analysis and commentary on current events and politics.

  • Best Sports Podcast
    A podcast about sports and/or athletes.

  • Best Society and Culture Podcast
    A podcast that brings the host's perspective/opinion on any number of topics that reflect societies and cultures worldwide.

  • Best True Crime Podcast
    A non-fiction podcast about true crime events.

  • Best Wellness or Relationships Podcast
    A podcast about health, wellness, and/or relationship topics.

  • Best DIY Podcast
    This category is for any podcast with a budget of $1,000 or less (USD or equivalent) per episode. Budget document(s) must be included with your submission.


  • Best Podcast Host or Hosts
  • Best Indie Podcast Host or Hosts *New for 2024
  • Best Reporting
    For excellence in journalistic reporting
  • Best Scriptwriting, Fiction
  • Best Scriptwriting, Non-Fiction
  • Best Production and Sound Design
  • Best Original Score and Music Supervision
    For excellence in original music composition and supervision (selection).
  • Best Performance in Audio Fiction
    For excellence in podcast performing, typically acting or singing.